Nicholas Winding Refn: Interview

This is an interview to movie director Nicholas Winding Refn from Denmark, a mysterious man of few words. He is know for his previous films like Bronson (2008), or  Drive (2011). The interview It’s about his most recent film “Only God Forgives” starting Ryan Gosling, that he also work with him in his previous film Drive and the good relationship both have “he’s just always good, and he can do no wrong. He is a super cool guy and I very much enjoy making movies with him.” He talks about the uncoming DVD and how was his experience filming  in Bangkok saying “the tours around Bangkok at night were good!”

In this interview the movie director don’t says alot of his experience doing this film, I think this is a good thing that he dosen’t reveal much about the movie, because for example I haven’t see the movie yet and also good directors don’t explain what it’s the film about, letting the audience to figure out.



3 comments on “Nicholas Winding Refn: Interview

  1. jrabernethy says:

    I really like his movie Drive, but I wasn’t a fan of Only God Forgives and some of his earlier movies. They are a bit too weird for me.

  2. chonja07 says:

    Oh It’s a very interesting article for me, because the film, Drive is one of my favorite movie. I recommend you should watch that movie! It’s also gonna be awesome to you 😀

  3. That’s interesting!!
    next time,introduce about Japanese movie for me!haha

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