Rope (1948)


It is an Alfred Hitchcock movie adapted from a play that was inspired of a real murder who take place in the 20’s, starting James Stewart, it was a expirement movie that didn’t work out according to the director. Also it is his first movie with color. It was refering to be an expirement because the actions takes place in real time using longs take from 4  to 10 minutes. It was film in ten takes.

For me I don’t agree with the director’s opinion, because i found the movie really intresting the way that it was film, an after saw this film I havent see nothing like this in others films,  whithout alot of cuts (thats a good thing in my opinion),  and longs take increasing the suspense of the history. The movie it’s about a couple of friends who strangle to death a classmate with a rope in the own apartment. (In the original play, these to guys are homosexuals) but in the films didn’t show this relationship, so it only show them like friends because the time that the film was made this theme was really controversial.

They commit this crime as an intellectual exercise, so they can proove that there are superior and they can make the perfect crime without nobody’s tell. After killing this man they hired the body in a large antique wooden chest, at the living room where is going to take place to a party. So they can confirm they intellectual concepts of Nietzsche‘s Übermensch.


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